Saturday, 13 July 2013


   Plot in fiction writing, are the various episodes or events that happen in a story. They are manipulatively cooked up in such a way that the series of events are planned and arranged in an orderly form to allow the events to come one after the other in the right way.
   For example, in a story where a girl fell in love and got married to a man, you have to plot it in such a way that the story will unfold from their meeting each other, what led to love developing between them and how both of them got married.
   An event that should come first will not look proper when it comes last, so a proper plotting of your story should be done before proceeding with writing of the story idea you have in mind.
   In fiction writing, there are different types of plot but I will be focusing on the narrative structure type here.
   A plot should have five of the following within its make up,  exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

   1. EXPOSITION: here the main characters in the story are exposed to the readers. Their relationships to one other, their goals, objectives and motives in the story are exposed and a view into each of the characters attitude is perceived by the readers.

   2.  RISING ACTION: in the rising action, the events that gave rise to the major conflict in the story are brought into play.

   3. CLIMAX: this is where the main action in the story is taking place. The protagonist and the antagonist are struggling to win as they are opposing forces to one another. It is from the climax that the story starts leaning towards a comedy or a tragedy.

   4. FALLING ACTION: here is where the story starts getting wiped up and the antagonist becomes stronger.

   5. RESOLUTION: the resolution is where the story comes to a conclusion and justice is given to those who deserve it and punishment brought upon the undesirables.