Friday, 30 August 2013


   Yes, I'm back as I promised the other day to tell how a great writer today made his money from a heart broken situation he experienced.
   Jordi was a handsome young man of twenty five, he fell in love with Shakilar a cherubic beauty that took most of his breathe away and guess what happened to this wonderful love bound? Two years later, the love became so deep that Shakilar became afraid and felt it was too good to be true. She took a clean walk leaving Jordi behind completely heart broken.
   Jordi could not bear the loss of his sweetheart neither could he live without her. He became a nervous wreck and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.
   Preye another handsome young man fell in love with a young lovely angel Annette who came into his life like a whirlwind twirling his emotions into stability and all of a sudden it was marriage or nothing else.
   The preparations were made and everything was set. Visitors and well wishers were invited and the day arrived for the wedding.
   Preye arrived at the altar waiting for his wonderful bride with beaming smiles wrethed all over his face but she never showed up at all.
   Preye was broken hearted but took the bull by the tail, wrote out his torrid emotions on paper, got over it and released it as an emotional outburst song, "You've broken my heart". At the end, Preye's song became a hit and best seller. He became famous and rich. When Annette heard this, she came to congratulate him but by then, there were so many beautiful girls swimming around Preye that he took no notice of her. But he felt happy because Annette had been used as an instrument to bring out the best in him.
  You can see why we can turn our life situations into a perfect hit instead of walloping in misery.
  Have a wonderful time as you start your writing, any comment? You are welcome!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


   Life is full of ups and downs but one thing is for sure, no matter the situation, we are alive so must try to wade through the dregs and joys of life to our own good use and we can sometimes turn these situations into money making ones that we will benefit at the end. We can turn our life happenings into stories changing the names of those involved if we do not want disclosure. At last, we find solutions to these difficulties we encountered and in turn while writing these stories offer advise in a way that others can learn from. it  This takes us away from sitting down and brooding over life and its difficulties and problems, letting us fall victims of nervous break down.
   Below are reasons why I believe we can do this and be successful with it.
1. When you write life situations as stories, it takes you the writer away from your sorrows, your problems and transport you into a realm you never thought existed.
2. What you are writing will be a source of lesson to others who may be having similar problems you are writing about.
3. It will remove boredom in the lives of those reading it
4 It may turn out to be a best selling story.

5. When it is published, it may lead you to fame and stardom.
   At the end, you become a winner because man on earth is not supposed to be sad, we are built to be happy, to love and be loved. So, let us try to use situations in story creating for others to learn from and for our own benefits.
   Watch out for a life situation turned into a story in my next post.
   Thanks for reading this article.

Friday, 16 August 2013


   Style in fiction story is the way and manner in which a writer crafts and writes his/her story. In this case, it is the way a writer uses language, diction choice of words, imagery, point of view, grammar, paragraphing, etc. to manipulate his or her story in a way that is peculiar to him/her alone.
   When considering a good story, you check out how the writer uses style to touch the five senses of his/her readers. Does the writer maintain the right tenses? Does he/she move from present tense to past tense or past participle? And many more, are good questions to ask yourself as a writer as you move on in your writing career.
   if this as been useful, recommend it to our friends. have a wonderful time.


   Dialogue is a discussion or conversation between two or more persons in a fiction story. When writing dialogues in fiction stories, you must put into consideration that dialogue in real life is different from when writing it down in a story form otherwise, it will sound like the confusion in the tower of babel.
   There are many things you as a writer should take into consideration when writing dialogues.
1. Your character's voice should be expressed according to te following factors:
             A. Educational level
             B.Geographical origin or background
             H.Influence etc.
Which will all reflect in his/her voice in the dialogue.
2. When all these are reflected in the voice of your character in the story, your readers will observe and listen in as they read on and flow with the characters.
 For example, when writing about a well educated character in a story, you don't have to make him/her speak in remote accent of an illiterate; except it is a  disguise role, otherwise, he/she is to speak in a well learned voice of an educated person. 
   Make sure to check back soon to read more on the different types of dialogue in my book on how to write fiction stories to have an in dept read on types of dialogues and how to craft a good one.
   Contributions are welcome to enhance this topic.


   Fiction writing is so interesting that it livens ones spirit to know that he or she as a writer can create fictitious entities in his/her own way to come alive like real human entities. It's like reality and you want the people you have chosen as actors/actresses to dramatize the parts you allocated to them in a unique and pleasant way. These actors and actresses, acting out the various parts you have given them, are the characters in the story.
   So how do we give out roles to the characters we have chosen so that they will act it the right way you want? That's a very good question. We give out roles to the characters by analyzing the part each character has to play in the story you have created. For example, the hero/heroine in the story must fit the role that he/she has been given, you don't expect a dynamic and powerful hero/heroine to be given the part of a weakling in the story so you have to watch out for these flaws.
   When creating your characters, you have to make sure the protagonist, antagonist and the others have characters befitting their social status and profile and let these reflect in the names you assign to them so that everything about them will look realistic. An uneducated character in the story should be made to speak like an uneducated man and not like a learned man otherwise it look unrealistic.
   I'm currently working on a book where you can find good details on character formation and other aspects of fiction writing so watch out for that fantastic piece.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fiction Writing

Can anyone tell me the ingredients that make a fiction story come alive and interesting? Watch out for the next post.

Fiction Writing

Can anyone tell me the ingredients that make a fiction story come alive and interesting? Watch out for the next post.