Friday, 16 August 2013


   Dialogue is a discussion or conversation between two or more persons in a fiction story. When writing dialogues in fiction stories, you must put into consideration that dialogue in real life is different from when writing it down in a story form otherwise, it will sound like the confusion in the tower of babel.
   There are many things you as a writer should take into consideration when writing dialogues.
1. Your character's voice should be expressed according to te following factors:
             A. Educational level
             B.Geographical origin or background
             H.Influence etc.
Which will all reflect in his/her voice in the dialogue.
2. When all these are reflected in the voice of your character in the story, your readers will observe and listen in as they read on and flow with the characters.
 For example, when writing about a well educated character in a story, you don't have to make him/her speak in remote accent of an illiterate; except it is a  disguise role, otherwise, he/she is to speak in a well learned voice of an educated person. 
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