Friday, 16 August 2013


   Fiction writing is so interesting that it livens ones spirit to know that he or she as a writer can create fictitious entities in his/her own way to come alive like real human entities. It's like reality and you want the people you have chosen as actors/actresses to dramatize the parts you allocated to them in a unique and pleasant way. These actors and actresses, acting out the various parts you have given them, are the characters in the story.
   So how do we give out roles to the characters we have chosen so that they will act it the right way you want? That's a very good question. We give out roles to the characters by analyzing the part each character has to play in the story you have created. For example, the hero/heroine in the story must fit the role that he/she has been given, you don't expect a dynamic and powerful hero/heroine to be given the part of a weakling in the story so you have to watch out for these flaws.
   When creating your characters, you have to make sure the protagonist, antagonist and the others have characters befitting their social status and profile and let these reflect in the names you assign to them so that everything about them will look realistic. An uneducated character in the story should be made to speak like an uneducated man and not like a learned man otherwise it look unrealistic.
   I'm currently working on a book where you can find good details on character formation and other aspects of fiction writing so watch out for that fantastic piece.