Wednesday, 28 August 2013


   Life is full of ups and downs but one thing is for sure, no matter the situation, we are alive so must try to wade through the dregs and joys of life to our own good use and we can sometimes turn these situations into money making ones that we will benefit at the end. We can turn our life happenings into stories changing the names of those involved if we do not want disclosure. At last, we find solutions to these difficulties we encountered and in turn while writing these stories offer advise in a way that others can learn from. it  This takes us away from sitting down and brooding over life and its difficulties and problems, letting us fall victims of nervous break down.
   Below are reasons why I believe we can do this and be successful with it.
1. When you write life situations as stories, it takes you the writer away from your sorrows, your problems and transport you into a realm you never thought existed.
2. What you are writing will be a source of lesson to others who may be having similar problems you are writing about.
3. It will remove boredom in the lives of those reading it
4 It may turn out to be a best selling story.

5. When it is published, it may lead you to fame and stardom.
   At the end, you become a winner because man on earth is not supposed to be sad, we are built to be happy, to love and be loved. So, let us try to use situations in story creating for others to learn from and for our own benefits.
   Watch out for a life situation turned into a story in my next post.
   Thanks for reading this article.