Friday, 30 August 2013


   Yes, I'm back as I promised the other day to tell how a great writer today made his money from a heart broken situation he experienced.
   Jordi was a handsome young man of twenty five, he fell in love with Shakilar a cherubic beauty that took most of his breathe away and guess what happened to this wonderful love bound? Two years later, the love became so deep that Shakilar became afraid and felt it was too good to be true. She took a clean walk leaving Jordi behind completely heart broken.
   Jordi could not bear the loss of his sweetheart neither could he live without her. He became a nervous wreck and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.
   Preye another handsome young man fell in love with a young lovely angel Annette who came into his life like a whirlwind twirling his emotions into stability and all of a sudden it was marriage or nothing else.
   The preparations were made and everything was set. Visitors and well wishers were invited and the day arrived for the wedding.
   Preye arrived at the altar waiting for his wonderful bride with beaming smiles wrethed all over his face but she never showed up at all.
   Preye was broken hearted but took the bull by the tail, wrote out his torrid emotions on paper, got over it and released it as an emotional outburst song, "You've broken my heart". At the end, Preye's song became a hit and best seller. He became famous and rich. When Annette heard this, she came to congratulate him but by then, there were so many beautiful girls swimming around Preye that he took no notice of her. But he felt happy because Annette had been used as an instrument to bring out the best in him.
  You can see why we can turn our life situations into a perfect hit instead of walloping in misery.
  Have a wonderful time as you start your writing, any comment? You are welcome!