Sunday, 15 September 2013


   Hello friends, landing on this page is not a coincident, we are meant to meet somehow and what do I have for today?
   Well, I wanted to be sure you have started writing your story.
   You've been reading my posts and from the few things I've been talking about starting your own story I expect you must have started by now.
   If I should start narrating the way I started my writing career, you wouldn't believe it. Briefly let me let you in.
   I found myself in a condition that I could barely sustain myself and my family when teachers' salaries where not being paid regularly in my country at the time. Out of frustration, I went one day into one of our rooms and lay down on a flat mattrass thinking about my life.
   That was when my mind started drifting away towards various kinds of events and ideas, assuming they were real. It dawn on me that I could turn these into stories, know what I did? I took a notebook and pen and started drafting and planning the stories I was going to write and before I actually knew what was happenning, I had written multiple stories.
   I decided to have one of them published to see if it would work out and behold, the agents and pulishers I sent the manuscript to all were enthusiastic about publishing it, only Avon publishers replied that they were not accepting manuscript submissions then.
   My friends, when I sit back in reminiscence, I wondered each time how I could been able to cook up such an interesting story- very, very interesting story. You can check it out at the bookstores online. "Power tussle by Silverline Odigwe.
   I am not trying to convince you to purchase it but you can try to read it and reach me back on this blog to let me know how you feel about it. If you buy it, you are helping me make sales too but I will very much welcome your comments which I value most because I want you to do what I did.
   So my good friends have a nice time.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


   People love reading novels and the also like to write novels themselves but certain factors act as barriers or stumbling blocks towards their achieving those dreams and soon those started off manuscripts or ideas in their heads are left to rot or die silence.
   What are these difficulties and challenges? I blieve we can try to sort them into these categories.
     Yes, many people feel that age is a depriving factor in their lives to achieving their dreams but what they fail to understand is that everyone has his or her own time destined for him or her to carry out certain things in life. Your aspirations may come at a tender age or at a time when you are older but never let that be a barrier to our success. Get it down and out on paper and published, be a famous personality in your early life or in your later years of life and die famous remaining a household name.Your generation will enjoy that.
      Some people when hit with situations like illness, financial incapacitation and family disagreement or other factors prevent themselves from writing and making it. Some day, I'll write out factors in my life that would have hindered me from being the writer I am today, but take it from me forge ahead for the sky is never the limit.
   Thank have a nice time. Any comment?

Monday, 2 September 2013

How to write good fiction stories

  Fiction is a branch of literature in a story form that may be short or long, written by an author in a way that, lives of fictitious characters are made to come alive in the various roles they play in the untrue story the author has created from his/her own imagination.
  Many people say writers are born with pens in their hands and storytelling in their heads, but let me tell you this, anyone interested in becoming a writer can become one, if he/she is ready to learn. All you need to do is, read wide and learn from other writers and published authors.
  Here are a few tips to get you started in your journey to writing a good fiction story.


 * Have a good and catchy story idea.

 * Find out the genre the the story idea falls into.For example, a story idea of this sort, 'Kate falling in love with Justin in a city where she was lonely and hardly knew anyone. She needed love and someone special beside her and when caring, handsome and dashing looking Justin came along, she fell head over heels in love with him,' will fall in the genre of romance than any other genre.

 * Pick u p books from that genre you want to write on and read them taking note of the way they are written, the paging and formatting and other aspects you can observe as you read them.

 * Your story idea is ready in your hands, you are acquainted with the genre you want to write on, the next thing to do is,to follow the steps I have written out below, it will be of great help to you.


  1. PLOT: the story you are about to write has to follow an order from the starting point to the finishing point and the events have to follow in sequence so that one event will lead to the other accordingly. So you have to map out a plan and follow it accordingly. The story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

 2. SETTING: the story has to take place in an environment at a particular period, so you have to create the place to blend with the time, era, culture and world that best suits it. A story that took place in a medieval period will look absurd and unrealistic when written to take place in the modern times.

 3. CHARACTERS: the people you use in the story are the characters. You have to get characters that are well developed with actions to play out the roles you have allocated to them and these characters actions have to seem realistic to your readers.

 4.POINT OF VIEW: what point of view do you want to use in writing out your story? Is it a first person point of view, second person point of view or third person point of view? Is it third person limited or third person omniscient? You should make a choice of using the one that will flow better with you.

 5.DIALOGUE: this is how your characters interact with one another. The way the speak to one another and the actions that follow their speech. You have to show and not tell. Let your characters speak in a manner that befits their status and educational levels, check out character profiles.

 6. STYLE: write in your own way, never copy someone's work be original in your work and you'll discover your own voice as you grow in your career. As you write, your readers will be able to identify your style from the way you craft and write your story, keep it original and let your work seem original.

 7.WORKSHOP: attend or join writers workshops where you'll meet like minds and both published and unpublished writers that can be of help to you in your career as a writer. There you'll share ideas and trainings that will be highly beneficial.

 8. CRITIQUE GROUPS/FORUMS: join critique groups and forums where your story will be critiqued and you'll also critique other writers work that are starters like you or professionals that will bring out the best in your work. But, remember to take the criticism in good faith and make corrections where necessary.

 9. EDIT: when you have corrected the story, read and reread it. If possible, give it to someone else to read it and edit it for you, they'll see some mistakes you may have passed by or you can send  to a professional editor that will go over the story and make the necessary corrections and you'll pay a small fee.

 10. PUBLISHING: your story is now ready to go out into the final stage, send it out to an agent or publisher that seeks for submissions in the genre you have written.

  Good luck! 



  Hi friends, I'm back once again this time to tell you something very useful.
  You've been reading my articles and following them with deep interest, thanks. Now is the time to get down to real talks. Your mind is made up to start writing and you have the theme you want to write on, good. But, you still need an extra thing and what is that thing? You need the technical know how. You need to know alot more things than just writing away without the necessary brush ups and by the time the story is published, faces are turned away from what you have on the shelve in the name of a novel.
   Get yourself some education in story writing where you will be taught how to write fiction stories and all that is associated with it. Everything, and then you become an expert in your field.
   In guide to an investment written by Robert Kiyiosaki, he said that getting skills in what ever you want to do makes you better in that field and richer you know.
   You can attend a writing school from home or wherever but get the brush up and fire ahead.
   There are some good places you can go and get them.
   I'll be reaching you soon to let you know about them.