Sunday, 15 September 2013


   Hello friends, landing on this page is not a coincident, we are meant to meet somehow and what do I have for today?
   Well, I wanted to be sure you have started writing your story.
   You've been reading my posts and from the few things I've been talking about starting your own story I expect you must have started by now.
   If I should start narrating the way I started my writing career, you wouldn't believe it. Briefly let me let you in.
   I found myself in a condition that I could barely sustain myself and my family when teachers' salaries where not being paid regularly in my country at the time. Out of frustration, I went one day into one of our rooms and lay down on a flat mattrass thinking about my life.
   That was when my mind started drifting away towards various kinds of events and ideas, assuming they were real. It dawn on me that I could turn these into stories, know what I did? I took a notebook and pen and started drafting and planning the stories I was going to write and before I actually knew what was happenning, I had written multiple stories.
   I decided to have one of them published to see if it would work out and behold, the agents and pulishers I sent the manuscript to all were enthusiastic about publishing it, only Avon publishers replied that they were not accepting manuscript submissions then.
   My friends, when I sit back in reminiscence, I wondered each time how I could been able to cook up such an interesting story- very, very interesting story. You can check it out at the bookstores online. "Power tussle by Silverline Odigwe.
   I am not trying to convince you to purchase it but you can try to read it and reach me back on this blog to let me know how you feel about it. If you buy it, you are helping me make sales too but I will very much welcome your comments which I value most because I want you to do what I did.
   So my good friends have a nice time.