Monday, 2 September 2013


  Hi friends, I'm back once again this time to tell you something very useful.
  You've been reading my articles and following them with deep interest, thanks. Now is the time to get down to real talks. Your mind is made up to start writing and you have the theme you want to write on, good. But, you still need an extra thing and what is that thing? You need the technical know how. You need to know alot more things than just writing away without the necessary brush ups and by the time the story is published, faces are turned away from what you have on the shelve in the name of a novel.
   Get yourself some education in story writing where you will be taught how to write fiction stories and all that is associated with it. Everything, and then you become an expert in your field.
   In guide to an investment written by Robert Kiyiosaki, he said that getting skills in what ever you want to do makes you better in that field and richer you know.
   You can attend a writing school from home or wherever but get the brush up and fire ahead.
   There are some good places you can go and get them.
   I'll be reaching you soon to let you know about them.