Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Many people love reading fiction stories, likewise many also love writing them. Whichever group you belong to is okay. But, if you are in the group of those who like to write for a living then you fall into the category of a commercial writer. If you want to go commercial then you have to read up and get yourself well prepared for the new career you are getting yourself into. Because, you have to be well trained in the branch of commercial fiction you are about to go into. You have to spend some money to get good books to see you through and then as you are reading and seeing all the aspects of fiction writing that you need to cover, you'll realize it had been worth the time and money spent. It doesn't have to be a large sum of money, It can be just a few Dollars to buy digital downloads or books on how to write good fiction stories to educate and guide you. Mind you if you get them from the link below you will be letting me in to earning some commission but my friends you'll be by far better off than before you started reading the books. Amazon bookstores will take you to many book titles on the techniques of writing novels of different types.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


You have now known the type of setting you want to use for your story, hmm that's good. What next? Juicing your story. Place and balance your story in the setting you have chosen in such a way that it will be interesting and captivating to your readers. If you make a choice of a setting that has the feel of something repulsive about it, then you'll definitely scare off your readers, know what I mean? You can now star building your story but mind you, make the scenes and environment catchy and impacting. A world that will remain green in the minds of your fans.

Friday, 18 October 2013


   When it comes to writing fiction stories, I think creating your own story setting is very important because with your setting in your hands, you have all the tools, that is your own imagination to carve your story setting the way you want it to look like.
   Choosing a ready made setting like the ones written in my previous post is good but you have to dance to the tune of the creators of those settings, thereby limiting your drive.
   Take your time, think very well and sharpen your imagination and then bring out the best you can when carving out your story setting.
   In my own case each time I pick up my pen to write a story, I like creating my own setting to my taste and always come out with wonderful works.
   My agent and other publishers have told me that, which you can see when you read my fiction novels of which one is in the bookstores.
   Power tussle is a powerful fiction story that I will place here for you to pick up and read and then give me your opinion about it and what I am trying to portray.
    power tussle

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


   From all the lectures and books we have read in schools and other places, we can broadly classify setting in fiction writing under certain types so that a writer can easily know which type of setting to choose from and use in writing his/her story. He/she can also use it to identify where his/her story setting falls into.
   Below are the different types of setting in fiction stories.
1. Deep sea world settings
2. Fantasy worlds
3. Dystopian world
4. Omicron and Unicorn worlds
5.Mythical worlds
6. Imaginary worlds
7. Utopian worlds
8.Disc worlds
9. Fictional city
10. Fictional universe
11. Science fiction worlds
12.Tralfalmadore settings
13. Alternative historical worlds
14. Shadow world settings
15. Colonial and post colonial worlds and other worlds too.
   I will welcome any other type of setting you can contribute to this page friends, have a nice day.


   Choosing a good setting when writing a fiction story is very very important and for sure writing your interesting theme without a befitting setting is like building a wonderful mansion with no site for it to be placed.
   So, you have to sit down and give your story a deep and good thought of a setting that will actually match it for it to be more realistic.
   In the next posts, I will be writing about different settings and the necessity for you to create your own setting.
   Any comment? I love your contributions.


   We have discussed in my earlier posts that there are two types of fiction, the commercial fiction and the literary fiction which you now know. Today, I will be writing on the commercial fiction genres to enable you understand where your story falls in and the genre of you are writing.
   Below are the different genres that exists in commercial fiction broken in a simple form.
1. Mystery fiction
2. Science fiction
3.Fantasy fiction
4. Western fiction
5. Horror fiction
6.Thriller fiction
7. Romance fiction and
8. Historical fiction

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


    Friends welcome once again to this blog. I hope you have actually started writing your story and if so I am very happy that you actually have.
   There is a little advice though that I will like to give you and what is that? It is that is if you are finding it had to plan, plot or set your story to make it look realistic it will be better you take a short course or tutorial on how to write fiction novels or attend workshops that will be very helpful in seeing you through the writing process.