Wednesday, 16 October 2013


   From all the lectures and books we have read in schools and other places, we can broadly classify setting in fiction writing under certain types so that a writer can easily know which type of setting to choose from and use in writing his/her story. He/she can also use it to identify where his/her story setting falls into.
   Below are the different types of setting in fiction stories.
1. Deep sea world settings
2. Fantasy worlds
3. Dystopian world
4. Omicron and Unicorn worlds
5.Mythical worlds
6. Imaginary worlds
7. Utopian worlds
8.Disc worlds
9. Fictional city
10. Fictional universe
11. Science fiction worlds
12.Tralfalmadore settings
13. Alternative historical worlds
14. Shadow world settings
15. Colonial and post colonial worlds and other worlds too.
   I will welcome any other type of setting you can contribute to this page friends, have a nice day.