Friday, 18 October 2013


   When it comes to writing fiction stories, I think creating your own story setting is very important because with your setting in your hands, you have all the tools, that is your own imagination to carve your story setting the way you want it to look like.
   Choosing a ready made setting like the ones written in my previous post is good but you have to dance to the tune of the creators of those settings, thereby limiting your drive.
   Take your time, think very well and sharpen your imagination and then bring out the best you can when carving out your story setting.
   In my own case each time I pick up my pen to write a story, I like creating my own setting to my taste and always come out with wonderful works.
   My agent and other publishers have told me that, which you can see when you read my fiction novels of which one is in the bookstores.
   Power tussle is a powerful fiction story that I will place here for you to pick up and read and then give me your opinion about it and what I am trying to portray.
    power tussle