Saturday, 2 November 2013


What a happy news, Nigerian writers all over the world would be having an annual convention at Akure in Nigeria to share their thoughts, ideas, inspirations and the way forward on the 8th of November 2013. Every writer is expected to be there you know. Tell you what? The governor of one of Nigeria's most hospitable states Ondo is hosting us for the second time within a short period of three years. Cheri o! Mimiko is a wonderful man, one of the best persons made a governor in Nigeria. Yes I have to say it, of all the governors in the country he is the only one that has real honour and regard for writers in his country. It was wonderful while we were with him three years ago at Akure. He made all the writers comfortable in his state by providing us with wonderful entertainments of the Yoruba culture- portraying the Gods of thunder and rock, that is Songo and Ogun and a lot of cultural music from the states renown university, Adekunle Ajasin university. The students from the cultural department were a class worthy to be recognized world wide and I'm using this medium to thank the students who performed and the honourable governor immensely. He went out of his way to lead us on an excursion and provided us with daily snarks and T-Shirts with writers tags embedded on it and on top of it all, held a gala night in the state house with him on the cue with writers to collect his food. Wonderful! I mean, it was wonderful. He did a lot for his state which I saw personally and he promised to do more, which I'm sure we are going to see when we get there again. So, I will be letting you know the good times we are going to be treated to come this convention. I wish you'll be there to enjoy with us, but don't you worry it's strictly for Nigerians writers.