Thursday, 28 November 2013


In dialogue construction, it is not good for a writer to employ the excessive use of dialogue tags. It is not proper because it can render a dialogue useless. It will make it look terrible an unprofessional. When writing dialogues that are good and effective, dialogue tags should be used minimally, especially when the speaker can be identified. When the speaker can be identified, it is better to move on with the conversation. When a writer constantly make use of tags like, 'Hi there,' he cried., 'Fine thank you ma,' she shrilled. 'No, father,' he cried., you'll find the conversation stilted and sounding extremely childish in the speeches made by the characters. But you can make use of, 'He said', 'She said', but do not make it too panoramic for your readers to start wondering what its all about. Do not tell, let your speeches or dialogues and tags draw your readers attention and interest to feel, see, hear and understand the events and what is happening. Make use of the tags sensible.