Saturday, 23 November 2013


The third person point of view is achieved when the narrator uses the pronoun 'he' or 'she' to narrate the story. The narrator is an outsider relaying the story and the various actions. The third person point of view can be third person omniscient or third person limited. THIRD PERSON OMNISCIENT: In third person point of view omniscient,all the character's thoughts, environment, actions, everything about him or her are known and related to the readers. Take an insight at this, Annabel came out of the house, looked about her and noticed the cool, calm, serenity of the walkway. She took a deep breath and said, 'What a peaceful world this is.' She inhaled deeply again and started walking down the cobbled stone case and down the walkway. Obi at the other end of the walkway, standing like a Mable statute stood arms akimbo, watching her taking those dainty steps of hers as she took one step after the other towards his direction. From the above you can see the thoughts and actions of the characters is known by the disclosure of their thoughts and action. THE THIRD PERSON LIMITED: In third person limited, only one character's perspective in the story is used to relay the story events and actions. For example, 'This old woman has been the sole of this building since the time I came to live in this street.' You can see that the relaying of the event is from the a character's perspective.