Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Writing the middle of a fiction story deserves a deep thought and concentration to get it in the right direction. Some writers tend to keep the story from beginning to the end in a run on nature but it shouldn't be that way. Every writer needs to move on with a greater improvement of their writing skills. I have on looking back from when I first published my fiction story seen that there are better ways I would have written that particular story, it's always like that with writers and artists. Right now the middle of a story is very important to avoid a saggy middle. Write the beginning of the middle, the way you'll write the beginning of the beginning and then follow it with a driving force down to the end of the middle because that is the critical and crucial part of the story. If the middle sags, the interest of the reader wanes and when boredom comes in, the reader will drop the book and shy away from books from such a writer. Any contributions?