Sunday, 22 December 2013


It's holiday time and Christmas is very much at hand, everyone is in jubilation mood so no matter what the situation is right now, give it a break and get yourself swinging in the festive mood of Christmas. Friends, don't forget to pause once in a while with the genre of novel you love reading to refresh your brain. Happy Christmas and merry new year in advance.

Monday, 16 December 2013


There are different types of theme in fiction story writing which writers use to tell their stories to readers. These themes can be broadly placed in distinct categories which I have done below. 1. The need of man; shelter, stability, food etc. 2. Evolving situations or societies; absence for a time from a place and the changes which one meets on getting back. 3. A life of constancy 4. Man versus nature 5. Love & friendship 6. The supernatural 7. The good aspects of life 8. The bad or evils of life 9. Family ties and bonds 10. The conqueror & the heroes 11. Crime 13. Wars & destruction