Monday, 24 February 2014


There are many rules guiding dialogue formations and once a writer engages him/herself in those techniques, the story becomes useless. Below are some of the things you as a writer should try as much as possible to avoid when writing a good dialogue. * INCOHERENT BABBLING: Extended words that kept on repeating itself several times, becomes incoherent babbling and when the excessive use of words such as 'Well', 'Okay', 'Right','You know' and other similar ones of this nature ruins a story. * INFORMATION SHUFFLING: Points that are irrelevant to the story are sometimes used by writers to make the story look longer to make up for word count, but I'll advise you to avoid this because it will ruin the story rather than making it better. If your story is short leave it at that and let it be worthy of its nature so that readers will enjoy reading it. * Do not put your words in readers mouths. * Avoid too much use of dialogue tags and don't be too fond of using tag in every discussion especially when you know who the speaker is. Make use of tags only when necessary. with these tips, I know when you follow them will improve your writing. Thank you.