Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Yes, you may think within you what do I know I want to write about in a story? A lot you know? Having got that passion within you to write, get down to the real thing. Which is what? Writing the fiction story you have in mind of doing. Check around you, there are things happening in the lives of people. There are things happening in history that can be used to write fictitiously. How? By changing some of the events to bring about the end you want, changing the names of the real life actors and actresses and making sure nothing is written to let those concerned know you are writing about them, except you are writing non fiction. And that's it, you've got it going.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Writing fiction stories in a passionate way can be really great fun. How do you do it? Simple! You know what you are passionate about in life. By this I mean the type of fiction stories you love reading. That should be your spark. Get going by bringing out the ideas in your minds eyes and then start writing on whatever you can lay your hands on. It can be a piece of paper, a computer or a jotter, whatever. Do not look at the grammar aspect in the first place. You just write on and on until you have poured out all your feelings and then when you are done, get down to editing. And your story is done! See!